There is only one planet, and we know it is our responsibility to make sure we build your home as green as possible for future generations. Sustainability is a core part of what we do at Hagan Homes.

Your new home will be more energy efficient. When designing new developments, we carefully consider the design to make sure they are as energy efficient as possible. We ensure we source sustainable features such as high-quality insulated roods and window, energy efficient appliances and water saving taps. All our new homes have a much less carbon footprint than an equivalent second-hand home. It’s a win win all round, good for the planet and your pocket!

Speaking of pockets, The Home Builders Federation estimates homeowners of new builds can save more than £600 off their annual utility bill compared to older properties. Meaning you will have more money to spend on the fun stuff!

All of our developments are built with you in mind. We know everyone has crazy busy lives and wellbeing is a core part of a balanced life. All our new developments are designed to help you stay active, with neighbourhoods you can easily walk and cycle around when you need to take a big breath of fresh air in! You’ll never be far from parks & green spaces for walks, runs, cycles or whatever floats your boat.

You can connect with nature, being surrounded by greenery can definitely lift our spirits. We want you to be able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors that Northern Ireland has to offer, whether it’s a stroll along the shore from at The Tides in Carrickfergus or long and relaxing afternoon walk at the foothills of the Sperins at Old School Court.

We get that after the past year of being locked up in our homes how important it is to get outside and enjoy nature with our loved ones. That’s why we’re putting wildlife and green spaces at the centre of our development planning.