Let’s be honest, we’re all absolutely sweltered! With N.I hitting the highest temperatures on record this week we’ve put together a few top tips to keeping your home cool. ??

1. Turn off your tech

You’d be surprised how much heat appliances give off, especially while they’re charging. Even light bulbs emit heat, a naturally lit home tends to be a cooler one.

2. Open the loft hatch

It’s important to keep your home ventilated, open your loft hatch to allow heat to escape through the roof. Just watch out for the spiders! 

3. Sleep with cotton sheets

Ditch the big duvets and blankets and invest in some cotton sheets, they’re way more breathable than satin or silk. 

4. Hack a fan

With a bowl of ice and a fan you can create a faux ocean breeze. Simply fill a bowl with ice and place it in-front of your fan. 

These should help to keep your home as cool as you are ?