Northern Ireland’s First Ever TikTok House, The VAVA Club, Reveals It's Eight TikTokers With A Combined Following of 24 Million!

VAVA Influence, Northern Ireland’s first influencer marketing firm have teamed up with us and we are excited to reveal the eight TikTokers who will enter Northern Ireland’s first ever TikTok House, The VAVA Club, on Tuesday 7 June 2022.

Francesca Morelli and Chloe Henning, VAVA Influence Directors and Co-Founders, discuss the line-up.  Francesa says,

“We’re absolutely thrilled that eight top influencers have decided to grasp this opportunity and take a week from their busy schedules to launch Northern Ireland’s first ever TikTok House. And what fabulous houses they’ll be living in, swish Hagan Homes that any young person would love to own!

“Our TikTokers have a diverse range of interests which will guarantee a mix of content, that will be entertaining, high energy and novel for their combined following of almost 24 million.”

Introducing the eight TikTokers*, Chloe says, “First up we have Joel M, who is 23 and from Belfast.  Joel is a magician, TV host, bestselling author, and social media creator, with over 20 million followers across all platforms. You can check out his channel @itsjoelm. 

“Then we have Emma White, a singer and vlogger on TikTok, where she has over 1.3 million followers and over 300k followers on YouTube. A music lover since childhood, Emma creates and shares with audiences from her channel @officialemmawhite.

“For those that enjoy comedy, we have Ethan Mawhinney (@littlepeeef), a 22-year-old creator from Belfast who has over 900k+ followers on TikTok. Ethan’s passion is creating comedic videos either solo or with his brother Joel M.

“Our fourth resident is Shanice Griffin, who is 23 years old, from Dublin and an all-round creative - @itshanice. Dancing from the age of four and an avid drawer, Shanice posts what she enjoys doing to her 430k+ TikTok followers.”

Chloe introduces the remaining four TikTokers, Nia Gallagher, Daniel Devlin, Erin Riley and Emer Kelly:

“We’re also super excited to have Nia, Daniel, Erin and Emer with us for the week. Nia Gallagher, who is almost 21 and from Co. Longford creates a range of content on her channel @nia_gall, for her 300K+ followers. She posts content relating to makeup, fashion, sports, food and just being herself.  

“Then we have Daniel Devlin, the youngest of the group. Daniel’s 19 and a comedy content creator from Dublin. He loves having a laugh, a passion that’s shared with his 300K TikTok followers. You can find him @danieldevlin.

“Next there’s Erin Riley who’s 24 years old from Belfast. Erin’s a LGBTQ and TikTok content creator with 300k+ followers, who uses the platform as a safe place for LGBTQ community @eringinariley.

“And finally we have Emer Kelly, a 23-year-old TikTok and Instagram content creator from Wicklow. Emer’s passionate about all things body, mind and soul! Adventurous, travel loving and always on the go her 160K TikTok followers are inspired by her lifestyle, fitness, wellbeing, and spirituality, @emerrkelly.”

Welcoming the announcement Jim Burke, Director of Sales and Acquisitions at Hagan Homes, official VAVA Club partner, says:

“This is an absolutely fantastic line up of TikTokers to launch Northern Ireland’s first ever TikTok house - between them they’ve almost 24 million followers! That’s a staggering number and an indication of the quality of the content that these individuals are generating. It promises to be a brilliant week, which will hopefully showcase what Northern Ireland can offers on so many levels, from food, drink and entertainment right through to serene, calming, escapism. I know I’ll be glued to the platform to see what’s going on.”

The TikTokers are set to have an immersive week in Northern Ireland, with a range of scheduled events and activities set to inspire them.

Emma White, one of the eight TikTokers discusses the schedule:

“I’m super excited to be part of Northern Ireland’s first TikTok house! I can’t wait to meet everyone in the house and see what we get up to.”

Discussing the many local companies who have come on board as TikTok House supporters, Francesca Morelli adds:

“The fun jam-packed itinerary has been designed to create a fun and ‘content-worthy’ experience for the TikTokers. The VAVA Club has partnered up with almost over 30 local businesses to provide these experiences, such as bBold Tan, Basalt Distillery, Jans Lifestyle, We Are Vertigo, and Nutts Corner Circuit.”

TikTok is a video sharing app that allows its users to post and share short form videos on any topic. The videos can be embellished with filters, soundtracks and more to appeal to audiences. Globally, it is the third biggest social media app used by some one billion people.

Belfast headquartered VAVA Influence, which is behind the TikTok house project here, is NI’s first influencer-marketing agency co-founded by Francesca Morelli and Chloe Henning.  It was launched two years ago to match local businesses up with influencers to help reach their target audience through their social media platforms.