Buying a house, the literal biggest thing you’ll ever purchase in your lifetime, well unless you win the lottery and take a leaf out of Kylie Jenners book and get yourself a pink private jet (never say never)!

We get that it seems like an overwhelming process. So many new adulting things to remember to do, from navigating solicitor costs to the price of that perfect furniture that has been sitting on your Pinterest inspo board for what it feels like a lifetime.

So… We’re here to spell it all out for you, leave no cost unturned and give you a few Hagan hacks to make sure you budget as best as you can. 

1. Legal fees (let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first)
You’ll always need to budget for solicitor or conveyancer (fancy word for someone who transfers the ownership of property) when buying a house (unless you have one handy). Solicitors or Conveyancers are here to handle all your contracts and legal fees. Conveyancing fees normally start at around £500 - £1,000 depending on what you need. Always remember to ask for an estimated cost up front.

2. Mortgage arrangement fee
Another daunting word… a mortgage! They’re not as scary as they sound - it’s just a big loan. We’ll be giving you the inside scoop on them very soon so watch this space. Make sure you shop around for your mortgage you can always get your hands on a deal and some banks even offer cash back which could really help with you with your costs. 

3. House Insurance 
Insurance, the most boring but essential thing on the planet! You don’t want to be left out in the cold after leaving that brand new Neom candle to accidentally catch fire to your pampers grass. A negative thought we know, but you gotta be prepared. Make sure you have buildings and contents insurance before moving into your new home. The average combined policy costs on average £161 a year. If you are buying an apartment, you won’t need buildings insurance but don’t forget to budget for your management fee which on average will be £500 per year. 

4. Removal Costs
Now down to the fun stuff, you’ve got your brand-new pad and its finally time to get all your lives possessions into it. So, you're going to need a removal company. Removal companies will charge depending on the time and amount of stuff you have. Little tip for you, have a massive clear out before moving, because let's face it there is going to be a load of stuff that you won’t need. Depending on how much of a hoarder you are, their costs start from about £300 upwards.

5. Rates & Utilities 
Other items people forget to budget for when buying a new home is your rates and utility bills. Rates are an easy one, you can check how much your rates will be here, prices differ depending on the size of your house and the area you live in ( Utilities add up though, it might not seem a lot per item, but it can be costly. Hagan Hack - owning a new home is so much more energy efficient and will save you money! 

6. Interiors & Furniture
Buying a brand-new home makes this so much easier! Every wall has a fresh coat of paint, the kitchens and bathrooms are brand spanking and there will be no manky carpet you need to replace. So, all you need to budget for is your furniture (we say all… that’s a whole lot)! Be smart and take your time, remember you can visit your new home empty, it’s a blank canvas so use that to your advantage. Write a wish-list and shop around for alternatives - yes everyone wants a £3.5k Sherpa chair atm, but does it have longevity? Probs not! So, shop around and get those deals! 

Honestly, the most important piece of advice we can give you is to be organised and don’t rush! Buying a house is a massive achievement so don’t stress and take it all in your stride. Remember Excel - it’s such an easy way to keep track of everything and budget accordingly.