Are you looking to spruce up your home with a bit of staycation style? We’ve outlined some super summer home décor ideas that will brighten the look of your home for warmer-weather months (NI style).

From vibrant prints to bold colours, a few easy tricks can make your home feel as relaxed as the cottage hideaway or seaside retreat you’ve been dreaming of.

Did you know creating a bright home connected with the seasons and environment is known to uplift and create a sense of wellbeing, we don’t care how zen you are – everyone needs this!

Start with some colour

Adding a dash or two of colour to a room is probably one of the easiest summer home décor ideas. It’s an instant way to create a joyful, bright home – perfect for those summer months (no matter how much rain there may be). From some plush velvet to bright accessories, don’t be scared to mix and match shades and textures.

Swap up those soft furnishings

Brighten a moody kitchen with a colourful lampshade or a few vibrant houseplants which will give a lovely subtle hint of summer. Switch out your heavier fabrics for lighter style linens and breathable cotton blends. This will add a much-needed injection of island life into your home.

Sniff up some summery scents

If you’re in need of a few beach vibes, summer-inspired home fragrances are the perfect answers. Make sure you go for fresh and light smells, diffusers double up as great décor additions giving a beach house feel. All you need to do is close your eyes, take a deep breath in and transport yourself somewhere warmer – Mykonos anyone?

Add some stripes

Ahoy Sailor! Why not opt for a more nautical summer style? Try some stripy cushions or throws that will immediately give your home that seaside feel. Just make sure you don’t go overboard (excuse the pun), keep those nautical nods to a minimum, too many can look cluttered and messy.

Houseplant anyone?

We all know houseplants are back in a MASSIVE way! There’s no easier way than bringing the outside in with a plant or two scattered throughout your home. Why not try a beautiful butterfly palm in the kitchen? If you’re not the green fingered kind, you can get fantastic fake ones that look just like the real thing.

Follow these easy steps and your home will feel like any SOF villa in no time (even if it is lashing outside).