COVID-19 changed the world as we know it. So many parts of daily life have evolved and changed because of the global pandemic. One of those being remote working, a large number of employers realised during the pandemic, that having a large office wasn’t necessary and 2 years on a high percentage of us have swapped Mon- Fri at the office to remote working from home or flexible office hours.

This new age of remote working has given us all the flexibility to live where we please, we no longer need to factor in commute times to the office, or settle for purchasing new homes because they are in a convenient location to work. Who doesn’t love having more choice?

Another amazing benefit too remote working is being able to earn ‘big city’ salaries but live in an area with a lower cost of living. Now more than ever people are moving home to Northern Ireland while keeping their jobs in larger U.K cities. Meaning they have more disposable income each month as having a monthly mortgage in London is on average £832 more than renting! This mixed with the current cost of living crisis has a lot of us questioning whether big city life is for us anymore.

With numerous flights per day from both Belfast airports to the mainland it’s never been easier for folk working on the mainland to nip over when needed.

With the current cost of living in Belfast a massive 42% cheaper than London, we can see why a number of people are taking the leap and moving home to save money, have a better quality of life and also be closer to family.

The average house price in N.I. is £159K which is around £400K cheaper than London, maybe you're debating whether to move home. Why not check out some of our current developments across N.I.

Byron Halt - a range of stunning apartments located in Holywood, a stones throw from Belfast City Airport.

Ballyveigh - a range of detached, semi-detached, townhouses and apartments in Antrim, a very short drive from Belfast International Airport.

Frys Meadow - a range of three bedroom homes located in Ballymena, close to Belfast International Airport. 

Enler Village - a range of town-houses and semi-detached homes, a 20 minute drive to Belfast City Airport.