James Hagan to Race Again in Historic Monaco GP with the Iconic 1974 Hesketh 308.

After a thrilling victory at last year's Phillip Island Historic Grand Prix in Australia, James Hagan is set to make another spectacular appearance in the racing world. This year, he will be competing in the prestigious Historic Monaco Grand Prix, once again behind the wheel of the legendary 1974 Hesketh 308 Formula 1 car — a machine that has become synonymous with motorsport heritage and success.

The Historic Monaco Grand Prix is not just any race; it's a re-enactment of the golden days of Formula 1, allowing drivers to compete in the very same vehicles that shaped the history of motorsports. The event is a favourite among racing enthusiasts who yearn to experience the nostalgia of watching classic cars battle it out on one of the most iconic circuits in the world.

The Hesketh 308, a car with a storied past and celebrated performance, was once driven by James Hunt, whose career was notably boosted by his association with Hesketh Racing. This year, as the Hesketh team commemorates its 50th anniversary, James Hagan's participation in the Monaco race is a tribute to their enduring influence on the sport. It’s an occasion for celebrating half a century of racing innovation and the audacious spirit of a team that dared to be different.

Last year, James's performance at Phillip Island was nothing short of spectacular, bringing him a well-deserved victory. His deep understanding of the car’s capabilities and his strategic acumen played crucial roles in his triumph. This year, in Monaco, he aims to replicate that success and add another remarkable chapter to both his racing career and the legacy of the Hesketh 308.

We invite all fans and supporters to follow James Hagan’s journey at the Historic Monaco Grand Prix. It will be an event filled with passion, precision, and the timeless allure of historic racing. Stay tuned for updates and join us in cheering for James as he navigates the challenging twists and turns of Monaco, making history once more in the celebrated Hesketh 308.