As the days get shorter and shorter, the hours before bedtime seem to stretch out with no end in sight. It’s hard to stay in a good mood during these dark and dreary times, but there are ways to cosy up your house and enjoy these cold winter months.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Add Layers of Light

Create different layers of light and options for reading, visitors, moving watching with an ample supply of table and floor lamps. Put those hoarded never ending supplying of IKEA tea lights to good use. If you’re feeling extra.. you can also add dimmers to your overhead lights and ceiling fixtures to switch up the ambience.

Get Draping

Draping a warm blanket over the back of your sofa is almost like your living room’s winter ‘outfit’ and will change up the look of your space. It’s also very practical for those colder months, you can keep your thermostat lower and snuggle up. If the draped blanket look isn’t for you, don’t worry. Why not try a blanket basket in rooms in your home that you like to lounge?

Warm Floors, Warm Toes…

While underfloor heating is on many of our wish-lists, not a lot of us have it, and let’s be honest there’s only so many pairs of fuzzy socks you can get over your feet. Cover up those cold floors with a rug; it’ll definitely make getting up on those cold, dark mornings a little more pleasant. Rugs are also a great way to make the space give an appearance of warmth.


Pillows, sheets, throws and duvet covers are all things that can be swapped out for your new winter nest. Why not opt for a fleece, cotton or velvet fabrics in your bedroom this winter? They’re a great way to make it feel that extra cosy! When choosing colours, just don’t forget to balance your bedding with the rest of your room. If you have rich tones on your walls or rugs, make sure you stick with neutral bedding.

Did you know, new homes are very well insulated. Meaning if you follow all these steps and have a brand new home, you’re energy bill hopefully won’t be eye-watering this winter!