Some love affairs are meant to last a lifetime, but when it comes to houses that’s very rarely the case! It doesn’t take much to excite us, a better view, an extra bedroom or a brand-new bathroom. In fact, did you know? One in three home owners are on the lookout for a new pad - are you one of them?

Not sure if you’re ready or not to hop ship? Here are some ?tell-tale signs to tell you that it is time. 

1. When your home starts feeling too big or shrinking

There are two opposite ends of the spectrum here, either you’ve got one more kid than you realised you had last week or the kids have all flown the nest and you’re not in need for as much space anymore. No one like being in big oul’ empty house. Downsizing could be the key - finding a new home with less space can be so much easier to manage and feel a whole lot cosier. Or the opposite end, feeling like you don’t have enough… there’s a difference between a few over-filling drawers and a home you feel like you have outgrown. Overfilling drawers are fine (everyone has them), but if your home starts to feel cramped and small it’s definitely time to try and find something with a bit more room (excuse the pun!)

2. You spend every lunchtime on PropertyPal

There’s no harm in looking? It’s always good to know what’s out there but when a quick five minutes turns into a full afternoon scrolling and Dave in HR has been stood up for a stunning 3 bed new build then you know… It’s time to stop scrolling and start viewing! 

3. You Stop Cleaning as Much

When that ‘don’t worry I’ll do it another time’ continuously happens, from the weeds in the garden to the lightbulb in the spare room. If you find yourself not bothering with any quick & easy DIY jobs or you're not as bothered about cleaning it’s definitely time to find a fresh new space, you can enjoy being in (with working bulbs and not a weed in sight!).

4. When you stop having People Over

Ahhh… remember the days when you’d just moved in and loved showing off your new pad? Feels like a lifetime ago, right? Well, if this is the case and you’ve stopped inviting people over or become a local in anywhere decent to eat out near you because you can’t bear to be in… then it’s time to get hunting for that new home you can show off once again!