There are many benefits to buying a brand new home, and energy efficiency is a massive one. We all know the rising cost of everyones energy bills is a ‘hot topic’ right now - excuse the pun. So we’ve outlined why buying new will ultimately save you money.

New builds are much more energy efficient than an older home as a result of modern building techniques, the materials used in their construction and appliances installed in the home. This not only means that owning a new build could save money on energy bills, but also that living in a new home has a reduced impact on the planet.

Innovations in building techniques and technological advancements mean that new build homes are becoming more energy efficient than ever, meaning that running costs for a new home are more than 50% cheaper than purchasing an older property.

According to data from the Home Builders Federation, on average, new build purchases save an annual could save up to £395 annually on their heating bill. 

Modern construction makes use of plenty of energy efficient materials and practices. Around the world, changes are being made to how homes are built to ensure the entire process is energy efficient and not just the end product.
We ensure when building Hagan Homes they are as energy efficient as possible, by using strategic floor plans, sustainable materials and design. 

When it comes to heating and insulation, older properties usually have older boilers and heating systems, and they’re often less efficient than new models. After years of usage, wear and tear is almost unavoidable, this then reduces the efficiency of the heating system. We ensure all boilers installed in our new homes maximise energy efficiency. We also install zoned heating so, when it comes to this time of year and the thermostat is knocked up a notch or two you can control it in certain areas of your home rather than wasting energy heating rooms you don’t use.