New Year, new you? A familiar phase we hear at the start of every January… Now we’ve all made it through January with those 7am spin classes becoming a bit less far between we can take a minute to decide whether 2022 is the year to take the leap and move home.

Let’s be real, moving house is a biggie. Whether you’ve done it a dozen of times before or it’s your very first, it can be stressful and daunting. So we’ve noted a few top tips to help you decide whether 2022 is the year for you. 

1. Mortgages

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first… a mortgage AKA a big loan. Mortgage interest rates are currently low despite the Bank of England increasing their interest rates in December. If you’re not sure how much you can borrow, there are fantastic mortgage calculators online that help you work out an affordable amount. Money Saving’s Mortgage Calculator is really easy to use you can try it HERE now.

2. Education, Education, Education

If you have children, local schools will be a very important factor when deciding to purchase a new home. There’s a great online tool called Locrating, you simply add the area or postcode in which you would like to move and it gives you the lowdown on all local schools. Check it out HERE.

As well as schools, it’s always a good idea to check out local hotspots, we know you need the run down on where to go for the best oat milk flat white. All our new home brochures include a list of local restaurants, shops and much more. So be sure to check them out. 

3. Pound Those Virtual Pavements

From the Pyramids to The Great Barrier Reef, Google Street View has it all. Why not make the most of it, rather than taking yourself on a virtual holiday to somewhere exotic check out the local surrounding area on Google. The weather isn’t always on our side in N.I so if it’s lashing this is a great way to see the area your new potential home without having to wonder around in the rain. 

4. Don’t Compromise

 The great thing about moving into a brand new home is there will be no old rusty pipes screaming in the night or manky floor boards which may need removed. It’s brand spanking! Don’t compromise for something that may be irreparable. Treat yourself to a brand new home, we promise you’ll never look back (it’s a bit like going from a manual to automatic car if you ask us). 

With the threat of Coronavirus hopefully becoming a thing of the past, take that leap and make twenty twenty you!

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