Top Five Tips 

A few simple steps could enable you to sell your house faster and potentially add value to the sale price.

Declutter – but don’t depersonalise

We all have a tendency to gather ‘stuff’. Try and store it away - or it might be the ideal time for a clear out! When viewers enter your home they will want to imagine their own unique stamp on it that will make it their own. Help them along by showcasing a clean and tidy house. 

A fresh lick of paint

Most importantly it gives a great first impression. You may like fluorescent pink walls but a potential purchaser might not. As well as freshening up the house, add neutral colours so the viewer can easily imagine how they would adapt their new home. Also, a freshly painted front door will start a viewing off on a very positive note.

Fix and clean

Make minor repairs - even the ones you’ve stopped noticing. Wax and shine floors, get rid of limescale, repair broken door handles and hang up fresh towels. Tidy up the garden and clean the patio if you have one. A big lifestyle appeal of buying a new home is the image of relaxing there. Help potential viewers with this vision.

Light and airy

Wall mirrors really show off spaciousness and natural light in a house so it might be worth hanging a few if you don't already have them. Putting a soft lamp in darker corners creates a warm glow.

Light a fire

If it’s a cold day, light your fire. Consider burning some pinecones for the delicious smell. This will showcase the cosiness of the house and make it feel warm and inviting. 

Make it look pretty

Plants and flowers bring colour, life and light to a room and also smell wonderful. So does that fruit bowl on your kitchen worktop.

Get the right smells

Bad smells are the single biggest turn-off for prospective buyers. Air the house and get rid of smells attributed to cigarette smoke and pets. Having freshly brewed coffee in time for a viewers arrival will make the a great first impression. 

Good luck!