With the clocks going back on this Halloween year, we’ve got an extra hour to get creative with our Halloween decorations.  


We’ve rounded up some hauntingly good home-wears that will defiantly get you into the spooky spirit. Whether it’s some petrifying pumpkin activities with the kids or a gruesome get up or two! 


1. Pimp up your Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving… a Halloween go to but a messy one at that. If pulling out the guts of a pumpkin isn’t for you, get yourself some nifty pumpkin stickers. All Her Glory have a range of 6 boo-tifully easy to pop on vinyl stickers. Meaning you can save the innards for your pumpkin soup this year and means you won’t be picking up an endless number of seeds from the kitchen floor!

2. Frightening Fairy Lights  

Cute as candy, we know everyone loves a fairy light. Lights4Fun have some fearsomely fun LED Halloween shaped fairy lights set against an autumnal garland strewn with rich foliage. Perfect for the banister or hallway.  The garland makes for the perfect autumnal accessories.

3. Chilling Casserole Dish 

Get your hands on a pumpkin cookware casserole dish. The cornerstone to all Halloween celebrations is a steaming chilly or a monster of a macaroni cheese. Your guests will be screaming with delight when this petrifying pumpkin casserole dish lands on the table.

4. Haunted House Lantern

When an eerie dusk starts to fall and the trick-or-treaters arrive with their sweetie buckets, an LED light lantern will lead them straight to your door. It’ll also help to light up your pimped up pumpkins on your doorstep.

5. Make your Table Terrifying

Laying the table with themed placemats & ghostly tealights will keep the whole family entertained. Why not create a table runner from cobwebs? It’ll be sure to encourage the skulduggery and fun antics well into witch hour. 


If you feel you’ve left it to the last minute, Poundland have an excellent array of daunting decorations from light up skulls, sitting skeletons and LED lanterns that isn’t bloodcurdling for your bank account!  


With Halloween muted last year, it’s time to dust the cobwebs off your cobwebs! The secret is to stick to one theme, a mash up of evil clowns & zombies is not the one!