As we all sit back and watch gas and electricity prices literally hit the roof, learning how to save energy at home as never been more important. Little things as simple as not overfilling the kettle could save you money each year.  

If you are not sure where to start, we have pulled together a few hacks of easy exercises and habits to help you reduce those energy costs at home: 

Turn off your Tech! 

Is this a simple way in which everyone can save some cash, turn off all your appliances, obviously there are some that need to be kept on like your fridge or freezer, but there are a huge number of everyday appliances in our homes that we can turn off completely if we are not using them. The likes of TV’s or smart speakers use up energy which is known as ‘Phantom Load’. This is the way which energy is drained without you knowing about it, you learn something new every day… eh?! 

LED-LIGHT Up Your Life

No lightbulb moments are required here. LED light bulbs hands down, will have a serious impact on your wallet (in a good way). Heard of smart lighting? You can now connect it up to an app on your home, nifty! LED bulbs use a fraction of the electricity compared to a normal light bulb.

Keep that Kettle at Bay!

Time for that afternoon cuppa? Stop filling the kettle right to the top and defiantly don’t be in that 23% of people who re-boil the kettle! Did you know over-filling the kettle is actually the biggest drain on the nation’s wallet? Crazy!

Swap up Your Shower Head!

Bear with us on this one… it works! Did you know up to 81% of us believe that showers use less water than baths? Truth is, your power shower could be drenching you with 50 more litres than you’d use to fill your tab. Modern showerheads have ‘current limiting’ technology which can save up to 40% usage. So, if you’re sick of a drippy limescale crusty showerhead - treat yourself to a new one.  

These 4 small hacks will help to keep those pennies in your pocket and not have you forking out what feels like thousands on your energy bills.