This website forms part of the community consultation in respect of development lands in Newbuildings. The development proposal involves the construction of around 160 dwellings on lands to the south of Gortinure Road and immediately to the east of Silverbrook Park, Primity Park and Primity Crescent, Newbuildings.

As a result of current COVID 19 restrictions and social distancing measures, temporary pre-application community consultation regulations were introduced. These removed the requirement for a public event but encouraged and provided guidance for alternative consultation measures. We are using a number of online, digital and remote tools to help you provide feedback on our proposals. The purpose of this webpage is to share our indicative proposals with the community and other interested parties prior to the submission of a full planning application to Derry City Council. We are committed to engaging with members of the wider community and are now undertaking a period of Pre Application Community Consultation (PACC) on our proposals. The feedback received will be shared with the Design Team and will help to shape our proposals prior to the submission of a planning application. We will prepare a Pre Application Community Consultation Report which will provide a summary of all feedback, our response and how we have incorporated any appropriate feedback into the final proposals for the scheme. This report will be submitted as part of the planning application to Derry City and Strabane District Council.

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Comments should not be made to Derry City and Straban District Council at this stage. Should a planning application be submitted to the Council, the application and associated documentation will be available to view on the NI Planning Portal Public Access Website where there will be a further opportunity for you to provide commentary on the proposal. Should you not be able to view the documentation online once a planning application is submitted, please contact the Derry City and Strabane District Council Planning Office via