With our most recent release of The Tides in Carrickfergus - a brand new collection of sixteen luxury apartments; created with a wide variety of buyers in mind, such as those wishing to downsize to a well designed and accessible home, let us share some reasons to why moving to the coast is ideal in your older age. 

The Scenery

The peaceful and scenic surroundings at The Tides are nothing short of amazing from the coastal views looking over Belfast Lough to the strolls along the shore, this location is blessed with exceptional natural beauty.

The Fresh Air

Fresh air is something many town and city dwellers like to enjoy when they head to the coast, and the two are usually mutually exclusive. 

Good Exercise

Living by the coast doesn't just involve relaxing in a deck chair. For those who are still feeling sprightly and want to exercise, seaside towns are a great place to do it. Walks along the coast into Carrickfergus town centre or enjoying the activities at Carrickfergus Amphitheatre are great examples. 

A Great Place for Grandchildren

Where could be better for the Grandkids to come for a visit than the coast? Most people have great memories of childhood trips to the coast, so being able to host them is a great opportunity to spend time with your family.

Like-minded People

The popularity of retiring to the coast means there will be plenty of opportunities to spend time with like-minded people, making new friendships and enjoying a range of activities - it could even offer an opportunity to take up a new hobby!


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