We all know the debate of apartment vs house living is a long standing one, so we’ve put together some top tips to apartment living. Gone are the days of over-cluttered lifestyles, with our lives being busier than ever minimalist living is back with a bang! Bigger isn’t always better!


1. Evaluate your lifestyle

Do what is best for your lifestyle, if you don’t have friends over for dinner parties or the girls round for casual bottles of Rosé over a Tuesday eve episode of Love Island you don’t need to prioritise a big dining or coffee table. Get yourself smaller versions of the things you used to have so you can fit everything you need in.


2. Get multi-functional

Yes, there will be less space in an apartment but that doesn’t mean you can’t be smart with use of it. Get yourself a handful of multi-functional investment pieces. Loose those legs! Purchase an ottoman instead of coffee table, it still looks great but gives you extra storage space. Top it off with a boujiee tray and some fresh flowers


3. Keep is clean (literally)

Generations of squished people have tried to pass down various methods to separate a living space in apartments, from jungle plants to bookshelves. In turn they just make the space feel smaller, cutting out natural light which will just turn your home into some sort of murky cave. Keep it airy, remove clutter from surfaces and too many pillows to create a more open space. You don’t need to divide living spaces - embrace it!


4. Try matchy-matchy

Some might tell you that an all-white space is the key to making it feel bigger. We’re here to tell you no matter what paint you go with, the effect of colour is a lot more nuanced than that. A trick that always works is matching the colour of your curtains (extra points if they’re sheer) to the colour of your wall, the visual line won’t be interrupted by different coloured curtains.


5. Keep it SIMPLE

The best tip we can give you is to keep it simple, yes of course use colour and bring your personality alive in your home, but if you're a newbie use a neutral pallet and inject colour with soft furnishings - that way it is a lot more affordable when you want to swap it up again!


Make the most out your space and enjoy your apartment. If you are in need of some inspo check out Tiny House Nation on Netflix they have some great ideas! Just remember you don’t need to sacrifice style in a smaller space.


Our current apartment developments are:

The Tides, Carrickfergus

Old School Court, Strabane

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The Apartments at Ballyoran Heights, Dundonld