Autumn is here… It’s time to prepare your home for it! Light and candle and tuck into our top tips to getting your home ready for the colder months.

1.Prepare your garden & clear your gutters

As we all know sitting outside past September is a no go unless you’ve built yourself a boujiee gazebo during lockdown. Don’t forget about your outdoor furniture, remember to put it away or buy a waterproof to cover it. While you are braving the elements to tent to your furniture take a look around to make sure there are no overgrown trees, these can easily clog gutters when the leaves fall. We all know blocked gutters are no fun at all… consider getting someone to check they are free of debris & mud. We don’t recommend anyone getting up a rickety ladder!

2. Pimp up your Entrance

Cheer yourself up on these darker days by creating a warm welcome to your home. Autumn is the perfect time to spruce up your front door. Invest some greenery, Bay Trees are fab as they won’t lose their leaves and you can even use them in the kitchen for that warming Sunday roast! Don’t forget to give the rest of the front garden a tidy up too, you’ll defiantly see it more than the back during the winter months. Plant some evergreen shrubs that will provide an attractive structure throughout the colder months. 

3. Get Organised

Think of October & November as a great time for new resolutions, as you are not recovering from the excesses of Christmas. Use the back-to-school feels of these months to get your home organised and ready for winter. Put away your summer wardrobe (why not have a declutter while you are at it?). Organise your filing and invest in any new storage you might need. Now is the perfect time to tackle those kitchen cupboards too. Chuck away that out-of-date food and store similar things together. Why not decant your rices, pasta and pulses into good looking jars? 

4. Light up Outside

We’ve all been there, home from work, made yourself some dinner and need to make that dreaded trip to the bin in the dark… Get yourself some outside lighting or make sure yours is in good working order to avoid any sprained ankles. Lighting your garden to illuminate your winter plants is also a great way to light up outside in these winter months. 

5. Turn your Bathroom into a Spa

Gone are those quick summer showers, Autumn is definitely a time for long indulgent baths and pamper sessions. No matter how small your bathroom is, you can still turn it into a luxurious spa. Get yourself some scented candles and reed diffusers, as well as some good quality soap and oil. Place rolled up towels in a basket to give the room a hotel feel then shut the door and escape for an hour or two of total relaxation. 

6. Cosy up Bedtime 

Turn your bedroom into a restful and warm haven by adding some thicker textiles to the bed. Adding a knitted throw and cushion to your bedding is great way to make an instant transformation from summer to Autumn. Adding some flowers to your bedside table will help add a natural warmth to the room. The perfect spot to enjoy a cup of tea in bed on a rainy Sunday morning if you ask us. 

Enjoy the cosy nights, get your slippers out and cosy up on the sofa with friends or loved ones!