Ask anyone who's seen them, and they'll tell you it's an absolutely breathtaking experience. As you've probably come across photos and videos of the northern lights, you might be wondering, "Do they really look like that?" The answer is, well, sometimes. Given that they're a natural phenomenon, there's no controlling them! Visible from The North Coast of Ireland, and our Mulberry development - you could be watching these from your back garden next time they appear.

Formally called the aurora borealis, the northern lights are an atmospheric phenomenon in which undulating waves of green, purple, and red lights dance across the sky. They occur when waves of energized particles from the sun called solar wind bombard our atmosphere. Thanks to Earth's magnetic field, we're protected from the impact down here on the surface. The particles travel along the magnetic field towards the poles of the planet, where an energy exchange produces the colorful lights in the sky. The northern lights occur in the northern hemisphere, while the same phenomenon in the southern hemisphere is called the aurora australis, or the southern lights.

Last Sunday, many people of Northern Ireland took to social media to share their pictures of the lights, did you know an EasyJet flight even took a reroute to allow passengers to check out them out?

Being able to see the Northern Lights from the beautiful North Coast, just adds to the whole host of reasons that make it such a magical place to live or bring up a family. A wealth of the most beautiful beaches our country has to offer, a host of fantastic primary and secondary schools, easy transport to links to Belfast and further afield.

Our Mulberry development is located on the cusp of Coleraine town, a selection of semi-detached homes, finished to an impeccable standard starting from only £139,950.

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