We have pledged to support the Integrated Education Fund to ensure NI children have more opportunities to be educated together. 


A passion of Hagan Homes Chair and Founder, James Hagan, the IEF has, for over 30 years, campaigned to promote integrated education here, helping create 65 integrated educational settings with parents awaiting decisions on a further eight.


Inspired by the charity’s efforts and drive over those years, Mr Hagan has been supporting the IEF for two decades. Today, however, he will pledge his biggest investment to date into the organisation to ensure its tireless work produces even more societal change here. 


Speaking about the donation, Mr Hagan said: “I have always been an advocate of integrated education here. I think it is wrong to divide children according to their religious backgrounds and the impact of that division can have financial and societal implications on not just in our immediate future but for generations to come. 


“The IEF is the backbone to making sure opportunities are there in educational settings that bring our children together. It is the voice, the investigator and the supporter of the cause and any funding that goes to this drive can only hone a better society here in NI. 


“It is a pleasure to be in a position to support the IEF and we do it because at Hagan Homes we believe in cohesive neighbourhoods. We believe that smaller towns and villages should have one modern integrated educational/community facility instead of three and our children should share their futures. We understand that the integrated educational setting as it stands is oversubscribed. Demand is there and we want to support parents in meeting those demands.


“Over our 30 year history we have been dedicated to putting the heart into local communities whether that’s through reviving once vibrant neighbourhoods or supporting local charities and schemes and we will continue to do so.


“We also believe that by building meaningful partnerships with organisations involved in health, arts, education and sport, we can build so much more than the structural foundations needed to provide a strong, supportive community network. This is why we have donated in excess of £500,000 to our charity partners in the last three years and look forward to further strengthening these partnerships in the future.”

Baroness May Blood, Campaign Chair at the IEF said: “In thanking James Hagan for this exceptional investment, it strikes me that it’s no coincidence that someone who builds houses appreciates the importance of a firm foundation.  Hagan Homes’ support over the years highlights the importance

 they attach to integrated education in building a firm foundation for a more economically sound education system and a more understanding school setting for our children here. 


“I also pay tribute to James and all at Hagan Homes for their steadfast commitment to local charities - especially those, like us, who rely totally on the generosity of business leaders and the general public. Thank you from all at the Integrated Education Fund.  This donation will make a huge difference.”